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I am a certified coach, and my work has been influenced by the The Hendricks Institute's body-centered coach training, Hakomi Mindfulnesss Therapy, Jackie Priestley Coach Training, Voice Dialogue Training, The Enneagram, The Nia Technique & Lifestyle Practice and my extensive background in the performing and healing arts.

HONORING ... I honor and welcome all parts of you right where you are, and my work is about helping you develop self-compassion and the ability to honor yourself. Using tools of mindfulness and presencing I hold a light as you explore, and help you gain clarity around what’s at play in your life, what lens you're looking through and what wants to be seen and revealed. All emotions are welcome and you’ll be surprised at how playful, yet profound this journey can be. As we turn on the light and take a look, we learn that what has been holding us back has less power over us than we had thought.

Being fully present to ourselves and our emotions opens the door to our freedom, and it’s closer than we think.

INSPIRING CREATIVITY ... Our body is our guide and is speaking to us all the time, telling us whether we’re on track or an adjustment is in order. Have you lost touch with this important part of yourself? Does your body feel more like an ally or foe? The work I do brings in the body, and whether I’m doing one on one coaching or group facilitation, I’ll help you reconnect to your body’s wisdom and gifts, and learn how it can be a key to your transformation. What’s possible just beyond what we are seeing in the moment? We're all creative beings, and creativity, like a river, wants to flow and move.

What wants to get moving in you and your life? 

TAKING ACTION ... I help you take action in your life. Whether you want to be more present, experience more ease, or want to build a bridge to your next adventure, I teach you the skills and provide you with the support needed to make that happen. We’ll set reachable goals and I’ll accompany you as you execute on those goals, adjusting the levels accordingly. Stepping out sometimes means we discover new places that need our attention, so this is a dynamic process and one you won't be taking alone. Taking action at the right time can be refreshing and invigorating.

Being Alive & Inspired is not about fixing or changing ourselves. It's about being fully present and open to all that comes into our day-to-day lives - emotions, challenges, triumphs, surprises or detours. Life is dynamic and when we are Alive & Inspired we flow with life and life flows through us.


I co-created the Alive & Inspired Process with Jackie Priestley, a professional coach and friend. This work is meant to take you on a journey that begins and ends with our connection to ourselves, honors our wild, creative, and authentic selves and is balanced by outward expression and action. For upcoming Alive & Inspired events, see my events page.

About the Alive & Inspired Process
 EVENT MOVEMENT - Stretch, Breathe, Dance, Move 
    Add Movement & Breath to your Next Event - Deepen the Learning

Through group movement and breath practices, whatever training you are doing goes into the body, therefore participants achieve deeper and lasting understanding. Hire me to handle your movement needs. I introduce students to the unlimited possibilities available when we connect to breath, body sensation, and intention. This practice can be tailored to your groups specific needs and focus of the event.. Contact me for a customized movement program for your next event.


I bring more than thirty years of experience in hands-on healing to support you in your healing goals. My bodywork integrates breathwork, deep tissue, Swedish, Cranial Sacral Therapy and energy healing.. 

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